The main focus of the ALPHA and ASOS facilities is to pursue the fundamental understandings of the breakup of fluids with different rheological properties in supersonic gas flow fields and disturbed flow fields. In particular, we are interested in the modes of breakup, evolution of breakup products, and particle sizes distributions for Newtonian and visco-elastic liquids. Numerical and theoretical means are employed to approach areas that are difficult to access experimentally.

ALPHA is a pulsed supersonic (Mach 3) wind tunnel that operates in the dynamic pressure range of 10 to 10 4 Pa. ASOS, a complimentary facility to ALPHA, is a shock tube facility that operates in the dynamic pressure range of 10 4 to 10 6 Pa. The range of dynamic pressure of the two facilities is crossed at 10 4 Pa, providing a mean to compare the physics of breakup due to cold and hot gas environment conditions. The laser diagnostic system comprised of multiple cameras (1) copper laser strobe illumination, video


imaging system and (2) Nd:YAG illumination still imaging system that operates with different laser diagnostic techniques (LIF, shadowgraphy, Schlieren, and photography), instrumented over a 4 meters of optically accessible expansion section. The lasers are operated in the nano-second pulse duration with up to 20 MW and 50 kHz frequency.